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Carlos makes fantastic real wicker patio furniture in virtually any style/color you may want and his prices are about half of what we have seen elsewhere. He speaks enough English and communicates well and is very prompt.

Call Carlos at 099-900-8340.

Recommended by Bob Dammeyer,

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  1. Just a bit more info on this. Bob wrote “real wicker”, and that is true, because “wicker” is a process or technique, not a material as many people, myself included till a few minutes ago, believe. I had it confused with rattan, and Carlos advertises it as “real rattan” on his posters which we saw at the feria today when we went to visit him and look at his products. But that is not true, because the material he uses, as he himself explained and showed to us, is rolled paper, not organic rattan. Maybe Carlos labors under the same misunderstanding I did.

    As to prices, I haven’t looked for other wicker furniture here in Cuenca, but if it was rattan wicker that Bob was comparing to that would explain why Carlos’ products are less costly. But one can find pretty good wooden and upholstered chairs and sofas here in Cuenca for close to what Carlos charges for his pieces. Personally, I would have expected them to be significantly less, considering the cost of materials used.

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