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  • Daniel Espinoza – Weight Trainer

    There is a new trainer at FOX Gym. His name is Daniel Espinoza, he speaks English and has lived in California.He has a few slots open for $5 an hour. Daniel is a Master Trainer who can also re-engineer nutritional menus. He offers training to both Cuencanos and expats in Spanish and English.  read more »

  • Cara Venn – Art Teacher

    If you are a beginner artist (or even an experienced artist) I encourage you to Awaken your Inner Artist and take an art class from Cara Venn in Cuenca, Ecuador. Gain confidence, overcome fear. I have taken two classes from Cara and have experienced a remarkable transformation in my confidence read more »

  • Casa Britanica – Tailor

    I was starting to make plans to rent a tuxedo in Texas for a wedding. We decided, almost at the last minute, to have a custom black suit and two vests made instead. We investigated several tailors in Cuenca and were not convinced. We found the suit fabric store who recommended Casa Britanica on read more »

  • Juan Pablo Pesantez Lopez – Avoid This Contractor

    We have built a large house of 511 square meters (5500 square feet) on a 61 hectare tract located in the mountains south of Cuenca. The contractor we hired for this is Juan Pablo Pesantez Lopez of Paute, hired on the recommendation of Michael Edwards, a real estate agent we used to purchase the read more »

  • Vintage Cafe – Best Almuerzo in Cuenca

    I have lived in Cuenca for nearly eight months and have had the opportunity to dine out frequently. I was taken to the Vintage Cafe this week and will take this place with me as a good memory of Cuenca. The chef and co-owner is nothing less than a food artist. Her artistry is also reflected in read more »

  • Brian Bitner – Very Good Masseuse

    I would like to highly recommend, Brian Bitner for his massage work. He is very good at deep tissue massage and he is also a specialist in massage therapy and pain/injury massage. Both his experience and technique are impressive. Brian can be reached at 097 936 9750 or read more »

  • Sabatino’s Restaurante, Fabulous Italian Food

    What a find!! Really authentic, fabulous Italian cuisine at extremely reasonable prices, in a comfortable, welcoming setting. My friend and I ate at Sabatino's last night, sharing clams in a spicy marinera sauce, a huge salad with shrimp (no iceberg or romaine lettuce and a great dressing), and read more »

  • Casa Ordoñez, Great Location & Great Staff

    During a recent trip to Cuenca my wife and I had the pleasure of staying at Casa Ordonez, a comfortable and conveniently located boutique Hotel. Alberto, the owner, has "hands-on" operation and made us feel like family. We love the guy! His staff could not be more attentive or personable, again read more »

  • Terra Sur, Great Location and Great Hosts

    Absolutely beautiful, very comfortable like home, laundry facility, clean, safe, convenient area, and topped off by the father & son owners who are two of the most likeable and helpful people we have ever met anywhere! Even though we are about to leave the country we intend on staying in read more »

  • International Shipping – A Cautionary Tale

    I moved to Ecuador last year; receiving my household goods in December 2014. What I found interesting, now that I have packed again, is that the exact same household goods fit in less than half the boxes. I found strange things — like boxes mostly full of paper and things individually wrapped, read more »

  • Cooking with Leslie Breen

    Just came home from a wonderful afternoon/evening with Leslie Breen. Leslie hosts cooking demos in her amazing home! Today was Nigella Lawson themed! Perfectly suited to Leslie with her casual approach to cooking good food. I especially enjoyed the TIPS offered by Leslie. Like what to do with read more »

  • El Nopal Restaurant – Mexican Food in Cuenca

    I love Mexican food and this place has it. Authentic, big portions and the best Chipotle sauce I've ever had. I've been there 3 times and have thoroughly enjoyed each meal. The enchiladas, tacos and large platters are all great. If you like Mexican food, this place is a must. read more »

  • Sunrise Café

    My husband, friends and I had lunch at Sunrise Café the other day and to say it was delicious would be an understatement! We had the lunch special that was a dish of shrimp, vegetables cooked to perfection and noodles. I had to restrain myself from licking the last out of the bowl as I didn't read more »

  • Academia Duran – Yoga and Workout

    I take Yoga classes at Academia Duran Duran on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-10:00 am and Workout classes on Mondays & Wednesdays 9:00-10:00am. The coach Tara Mastracchio is great, she gives you undivided attention, works on your breath and form!!! The facility is clean and the staff is very read more »

  • Marcia Mejia, Spa

    The Spa has a very nice work ethic and very friendly people ,great job on all the Spa activities . The owner Marcia Mejia is great, she makes sure that its custumers are happy. Recommended by Filomena read more »

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