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  • Holiday Floral Arrangements and Decorations

    This is the place to go in Cuenca for outstanding holiday decorations and arrangements. Last year Rosalia, the owner, made me a specially-designed centerpiece for my dining room table. It was beautiful. Choose items in stock or ask Rosalia to make something to match your decor. read more »

  • Layda Gutiénez Vintimilla, Spanish Teacher

    We have been studying Spanish for some time and we say Layda is one of the best Spanish teachers we have ever had. She has been teaching Spanish for some time and has incredible tips and can explain things very simply. She knows some English if you talk to her but really can't speak English. read more »

  • Housekeepers

    Carmen has worked for us for over a year. We are moving back to the US December 3rd. She has been a great employee! She is very honest. She cleans, does laundry and whatever else you want her to do. You do need some Spanish. She doesn't speak English. She would like to work part-time coming read more »

  • Monica Gonzaga, Facilitator

    I would like to recommend Monica Gonzaga for any assistance you may need: doctor's appointments, help with IESS, translating, visa assistance, setting up your utilities, learning about Cuenca ... the list is endless. I must move to a lower altitude for medical reasons and Monica went to Manta read more »

  • Black Olive Bistro: Exquisite Eating!

    We have been to Black Olive Bistro multiple times enjoying great "sit down" dinners, a quick crepe "para llevar," and some of the best pumpkin pie ever tasted; it gives Mom's a run for its money! With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, give Melissa a call and she will make some of the read more »

  • Kely, House Cleaner

    I received a recommendation from my neighbor for a great house cleaner; her name if Kely. If you are looking for a great house cleaner then contact Kely. She is punctual, personable, reliable, honest and aware of the details. I am used to doing the cleaning myself, but once I say Kely's work I read more »

  • Carlos Aguirre, Notary Lawyer

    Carlos Aguirre is an attorney who specializes in notary issues, but he also works in all other legal fields. He is honest and easy to access. read more »

  • Tour Guide Available For Traveling Through-out Ecuador

    Hi guys, I arrived to Ecuador three months ago and I've been using Juan Carlos as my tour guide, He's taken me pretty much to every single beach and mountain in the area.. his rates are affordable, very knowledgeable guy and he will take you pretty much anywhere in the country.. his number is read more »

  • Miguel Cisneros, Spanish Tutor

    If you are looking for a very professional English-speaking Spanish teacher that will come to your house and teach you proper Spanish, then we highly recommend Miguel Cisneros. Miguel is a licensed professional teacher that teaches at one of the local Cuenca schools. He has all of the materials read more »

  • Nathan Rittscher, iPad and iPhone Assistance

    I recommend Nathan Rittscher for any iPad or iphone difficulties you may be having. When I found my recently purchased iPad was ‘locked’, I thought I had a very expensive paper weight. Nathan found and contacted the previous owner. The previous owner did what was needed to unlock my iPad. read more »

  • Mary, Housekeeper

    I would like to recommend my friend Mary who does house cleaning in the mornings, and now has some free hours in the afternoons. She can work Tuesdays through Fridays for 3 hours each day. She does not speak English, but she is a hard worker. If you need some light cleaning at home please send read more »

  • Kathleen Rodas, CNA

    Do you or a loved one need assistance with medical care? I'd like to recommend my friend, Kathleen Rodas. Kathleen is a qualified CNA (Certified Nurse's Assistant) and has been certified in both the U.S. and Ecuador. She is fluent in English as well as Spanish, and has over 20 years of read more »

  • Martha Villavicencio, Artist

    Martha is an extremely talented artist. She does all kinds of work, from scenes of Cuenca to abstract. We found out about her on GringoTree; her sweet daughter had placed and ad with pictures of her work. We went to her home and saw the work in person, and told her what we wanted. She also said read more »

  • Patricia, Spanish Teacher

    Patricia has been my Spanish teacher since I arrived in Cuenca 11 months ago. I hardly spoke Spanish at the time. However, with Patricia's help and only one or two hours of class a week, I am now able to speak for an hour or more without any shame or hesitation and everybody understands me. read more »

  • Diana Cordova – Facilitator

    My wife and I wish to wholeheartedly recommend Diana Cordova as a facilitator. Diana lived in and received her college degree in the US. She speaks perfect English. We recently purchased a new condo. Diana has helped us in every way imaginable. She is an expert shopper and advisor. She saved us read more »

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