Going Rate for a Housekeeper?

What’s the going rate for a housekeeper who comes in once a week? I’ve heard everything from $10/day to $15 for half a day. And am I expected to provide lunch?

Any comments and tips appreciated as I’ll be needing someone soon.

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  1. I forgot to mention that we have a contract with her and also pay the social security.

  2. Kudos to David Akins, for respecting the law and doing his home work. Like my lawyer told me being ignorant about the law doesn’t make less guilty. Some people know the law, but choose to ignore it, I know of 3 law suits going on right now, 1 affected a Cuencano family and the others two affected gringos.
    It it sad because they all knew the law. One more thing, in Latin America it is custom to provided lunch if she is working for you during lunch hour.
    Hope this is clear.

  3. While many gringo pay so much per day and ignore the payroll tax laws, I am not so brave. The minimum wage for a housekeeper is $318 per month. We have a housekeeper that works for us 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. We pay the minimum wage, but it is pro-rated for the number of hours she works. She cleans and cooks lunch (9 am until 2 pm). She eats lunch with us. Providing lunch for a housekeeper that works at least 4 hours per day is a custom. Also, they get all the legal holidays, vacation time (pro-rated) and the customary bonus in September (i.e., money for school supplies, even if they don’t go to school or have children who go to school) and a pro-rated Christmas bonus in December. We registered with the SRI (the Ecuadorian equivalent of the IRS) to be able to pay the legal payroll taxes. It you terminate the employee for any reason (even theft) the law requires you to pay them severance pay (1 month for each year of work…prorated).

    Many gringos ignore the rule, but if the SRI catches you not paying payroll taxes, the penalties are expensive and one can even get kicked out of the country under the new law.

    It is up to you with regard to your risk tolerance as to how you approach this.

    Another alternative is to look for a housekeeping agency that just charges you an hourly fee and they handle all the payroll tax issues. Of course, it costs a bit more than the regular hourly minimum wage, but for some, it is worth the extra charge to avoid the payroll tax paperwork and inconvenience.

    • Would you happen to know the name of an agency who provides this service? Thanks

  4. Gerard Tretton

    $16 for a full 8-hour day. And they get lunch.

  5. I pay my housekeeper $14 a day for 5-6 hours

    I have been told by several locals that a meal should be provided. I often don’t cook lunch for us so I let her fix what she wants.

  6. $25 a day, no lunch. But beware of the need to file the proper paperwork to cover the Ecuadorian equivalent of taxes and social security

  7. Phillip Jackson

    WE pay $10/ half day plus her social security. Not sure of the exact amount but it is negibil.

  8. Craig Delcambre

    I pay my housekeeper $12.50 for 1/2 day (9 am to 1 pm). I do not provide lunch or anything like that.:-D

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