Benefits for Seniors with Cedula

I am looking for specific details on benefits for a senior with a cédula. I have been hearing vague general statements, but would like to see a website or government document that covers this. For example, for the IVA tax refund, what is the location/address of the office in Cuenca? The amount per month allowed ($140)? Can you submit receipts for dates prior to receiving cédula? Need a bank account?

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  1. $175.00 a month no more
    You must have a Cedula Card and be over 65 yrs old
    To get a Cedula Card you have to have certain things….
    1. A Saving account in Ecuador in the name of the person going for the Cedula Card only! Yes you may also have a Coopera Savings Account they will accept that also but remember your mates name can not be on the account.
    They want a letter from the Savings account state that you have one and that your account is in the exact name as your Cedula Card
    2. Two colored copies of your passport. And bring your original with you.
    3. You can move to the front of the line and ask for form and fill it out. You will need an interpeter to save time at Cedula Office and Tax Office. And in Each their are proceedures someone must speak spanish for all the details. interpeters are easy to find around here. Other Gringos love to teach other Gringos the way and tell you what they have learned and they are pretty accurate not perfect but pretty accurate $140.00 is low. With Cedula Card you get a Discount on planes, gas, water, move up in lines, taxes 12% if you save receipts etc a mo. only.

  2. Malcolm Reding

    You also get a 50% on real estate taxes, airline tickets purchased in Ecuador and 50% discount on Cuenca Transit fares. A free landline phone number.

  3. embassey website says that US citizens over 65 that have a ecuadorian retirement visa get FREE MEDICAL. HOW DOES THIS WORK???

  4. Link to US Embassy Site info..

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  5. Are there only certain banks that you need to have the account with?

  6. Maximum (a/o Jan 2013) is $190.80 per month. It goes up every year.

    You cannot use facturas dated before your age 65.

    I have heard that you can get a refund of 50% of IVA at age 62. DK if true.

    Group facturas by month. Form accommodates up to twelve months. Can submit more than one month at a time.

    Application process is a bit of a PITA: application form, certificate from bank, copy of cedula, copy of passport, at least one month’s facturas with corresponding form. Must go on appropriate day base on 9th digit of cedula (notice posted at SRI on Remigio Crespo). Almost forgot: must get username & pin at SRI.

  7. IVA tax is the sales tax you are charged automatically when you make a retail purchase in a store. Cedula is the national id card.

  8. There are certain benefits that the Ecuadorian government by law extends to seniors. I have heard of the IVA tax refund, discount on utility bills and discount on air travel with Ecuadorian airlines such as LAN. For the air travel discount, you have to book directly with the airline at their office(not on line) and the discount is 50% off the actual airfare portion of ticket(no discount on the tax part) and only for the portion of the ticket that is on the Ecuador airline. I would like to find out about any other senior discounts and the process.

  9. I’m not sure what this means exactly. Can you expand on what this refund is, or what this subject matter actually addresses? I have not seen these terms before and am unfamiliar.

  10. SRI office is on Remigo Crespo across from the La Taberna store. You need a bank account and a signed document from the bank with your account #. Need a cedula. My understanding is that the limit is $150/ month. I have submitted facturas prior to my cedula date BUT, since they are in the approval process.I can’t answer your ? completely.You must first register, 2 copies of your cedula and bank letter.Fill out a supplied data entry form, get a # and wait in the queue. The date when you can make a monthly submission depends on the 9th digit of your cedula. You are aassigned a specific range of submission dates depending on that #.

    The first month you should go to the far left corner of the office with a copy of your bank letter,a copy of your cedula, a completed monthly form with your receipts, your assigned PIN # (received during the initial registration). They will be accecpted and sent for processing. Takes two months.

    Just been through this process in the last 30 day an this is my recall.

    Good Luck

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