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Female dog needs home ASAP

My wife has a pregnant dog hanging outside of her parents home in Cuenca. She is going to be under veterinarian supervision until she has the puppies (no more than 3 weeks from today). She is about 1 1/2 years old and is going to desperatly need a loving home along with the puppies. If you are looking for a new companion please find it in your heart to give her a chance before you attempt to purchase a dog. Please e-mail my wife Isabel (chavewa@gmail.com) or call 958937318 if you have any questions or want pictures. Thanks in advance. This little girl truly is a sweetheart and needs a loving home ASAP!

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

When you have medical issues and would rather go with out pharmaceuticals or want to supplement traditional medical practices, turn to Dr. Feral MacLoud. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and kind. She treats the whole person with a combination of treatment approaches that work. I can recommend Feral without hesitation. She is helping me with grief and its effects on the body, mind and energy systems. Well worth your time.

Hamilton Beach 6 quart Slow Cooker

We are selling a barely used Hamilton Beach 6 quart slow cooker/ crockpot., model 33166. We paid $95.00, and are selling for $60.00. It is in pristine condition, but we no longer have the box. if the photos don’t upload, please email if you are interested.

Seminar – Emotional Healing and the Law of Prosperity

FullSizeRender (3)Come learn how to activate the law of attraction and ongoing healing to generate greater prosperity and love in your life through “The Genie Codes.”

This involves the release of long-created emotional traumas of our past. This is vital before we can clearly and effectively broadcast from our minds exactly what we want to manifest. You will learn how you can raise your frequency and create rapid and deep changes in the state of your consciousness.

During the meeting you will experience a deep connection to your higher being.

Comments from a meeting on last Blue October:

This was a great night, I still feel the energy …
This was one of the best trainings ever …
Reminds me of teachers I have spent time with in the past …

Join us at Popacuchu Café and Pasteleria (Primero de Mayo y Av. de las Americas) from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 8. The investment for the seminar is $10.00, which includes a light lunch. A few tickets are still available at Popacuchu Café – feel free to either drop in for an espresso and pastry, or call Pete at 098 927 2495 to guarantee your place at this life-changing seminar.

535CC Royal Enfield Continental GT Cafe Racer

2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT Cafe Racer, 535CC.
This was the very first one sold in Cuenca… so it’s has the #1 on it.
Only has 350km. $5500. Perfect Condition
You can view it in person at Morejon Motos on Unidad National y 3 de Noviembre.

Intercompu Café Net – cafe, copy and internet service

I met Wilson Rodas when I need a substantial amount of copying done. Wilson speaks English, having lived in Canada for many years. He returned to Cuenca and recently opened his café which provides copy and printing services, computer, and capuccinos and smoothies. He printed everything on my flash drive with no problems and was completely organized.

Apartments For Rent

We have two apartments for rent long term (six moths at least) located in downtown Cuenca: Gran Colombia 12-30 and Tarqui.

First apartment has one bedroom, one bathroom, small dining room and kitchen.  The apartment comes  furnished.  The cost is $250 dollars per month, included utilities.

Second apartment has two bedroom, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen, and it is not furnished.  The cost is $200 dollars per month included utilities.

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iPhone 6 – white, 16GB – new in box

Brand new iPhone 6, white face, gold back. 16 GB. Still sealed from Apple factory. This is an Apple “simless” iPhone, which means it ships with no sim and no carrier affiliation. It is unlocked and ready for use with any carrier’s sim.

Bacon in Paradise – Pre-Order and Save

signPre-order TODAY! Mention that you saw this ad in GringoTree and receive a half pound of ends/pieces for free.

Our porked-up sampler pack includes one pound each of bacon, sage sausage, and ends/pieces for only $25.00 (a $10.00 savings).

Our delicious sage sausage is offered at two pounds for $15.00, and two pounds of our thick sliced bacon is only $25.00.

Since we craft our products by hand, quantities are limited, so please pre-order to ensure that you never run out of smoky goodness.  Any order over $30 includes free delivery (within Cuenca).

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Pure wool and more!

We have a number of guests from around the world who are avid knitters and weavers. Some have been weaving and knitting hobbyists. They arrive excited with the prospect of sourcing wool and alpaca from the Andes. Sadly, they find acrylic and mostly acrylic blends. There is a stale recommendation of a pure wool shop in the new city but it is now closed.

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Slingbox use in Cuenca

How easy is it to receive a signal from a Slingbox installed in the US? What needs to be done to get it started?

Treatment for dizziness

HELP! I need to find an EENT doctor or one with experience in treating episodic dizziness (not room-spinning vertigo, but spells of “drunkeness” (without any alcoholic drinking). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

How to Find Rental in the ‘burbs?

Reading the report of hte concerns being expressed regarding the number of English speaking Expats in Cuenca I noticed an issue was that we “live in el Centro, or a 15 min, drive of it”. Well, I’d love to rent further out, where it’s quieter and there are trees and birds. I’m not a city gal – never have been. But from all I can gather, finding further out rentals is all but impossible.
If there’s anyone who can suggest how one finds places further out- I’d love to hear from you.

News from the Consulate’s Cuenca Warden

U.S. citizens are responsible for filing U.S. federal income tax returns while living Ecuador. The IRS has comprehensive information on how to file from here, the regulations and procedures you must follow, and a wide variety of forms and publications to guide you through each step of the process. Please refer to https://cuencawarden.com/news.html for more information about filing your 2014 taxes from Ecuador.
# # #
The U.S. Consulate in Guayaquil will be closed except for emergency services the third Thursday of each month. There will be no routine appointments, passport pick-ups, or Consular reports of births abroad on those days.

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First Meeting of Writing Our World

The new writing support group, Writing Our World, will have their first meeting this Wednesday, March 4th at 1pm. The meeting will be held at Magnolia Caffe restaurant.

Av Paseo November 3,
Otorongo 1-48 in Otorongo Plaza
Cuenca, Ecuador
072 820 240

For more information and a map to Magnolia Caffe, please visit http://wowincuenca.com or email WOW.in.Cuenca@gmail.com.

Double Bed, Bed side or occasional table, Chaide & Chaide mattress

Chaide & Chaide orthopedic mattress, with 6 years warranty remaining – $150 ( paid $250).

Double bed designed by Ikea, made to my custom order by wonderful Ecuadorian craftsmen, from a beautiful wood, like new condition – $350

Bedside/occasional/coffee table – designed by Ikea, made to my custom order by wonderful Ecuadorian craftsmen, from a beautiful wood, like new condition – $250

Buy both bed and bedside/occasional table for $550 (paid $875)

Buy bed, table, and Chaide & Chaide Orthopedic mattress for $650 (paid $1,125)

If interested, please reply with your name and phone number

Boxes and Packing Materials for Sale

10 Sturdy Boxes (6 are 2x2x2 ft & 4 are 2x2x2.5 ft) $3/each; Bubble wrap, 3 big bags at $5/each. Everything you might need to pack and move a 2-3 bedroom apartment for $45!

Table/Desk and Two Very Comfortable Chairs

Table/desk (160 cm x 92 cm) – $150
2 extremely comfortable chairs – $150 (Bought table and 4 chairs for $525, keeping two chairs, which are as comfortable as the Swedish made chairs I had in the USA ).
Buy table and 2 chairs for $275. If interested, please reply with your name and phone number.

Oversized arm chair and foot rest/coffee table

Custom Made over-sized Chair (115 cm) and a foot rest/coffee table (115 cm) have seen less than 2-3 months of use. No signs of use. The footstool is still in plastic wrap. High quality material, the chair has a matching pillow. – $250 (paid $375). If interested please reply with your name and phone number

Coconut Oil – 28oz – $35

Naturally Refined Organic Coconut Oil 28 fluid oz

Seeking Business Associate

Small business run by craftsman with 30 years experience is looking for a partner/business associate to cover local market for furniture and construction. The work plant is located at “Parque Industrial Chaullayacu” in Cuenca. You can visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MaderasCurvadas

Please call for information: 099 527 0942 – 072 455 189 or send an e-mail to: marcelopezcas@hotmail.com

Coconut Oil – $20

One 14 fluid oz jar of Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

Shipping Pets By Air Cargo?

I am getting ready to go back to the states to get my cat and dog. As I plan it the expense keeps getting higher. Of course they are worth it. But I was wondering if anyone has any current information about shipping pet by air cargo. Everything I read is at least four year old. My biggest concern if the delay they have to endure once they arrive. They would be flying from New York to Guayaquil on LAN.
Thanks for your info.

Free Watercolor Exhibition

Tomás Galindo Pazán, cuencano architect and artist, performs his newest watercolour solo exhibition named “Attraction”. This is a pictorial collection composed by 18 watercolours, 9 of 26” x 20” and 9 of 41” x 30”. These artworks are conceived as visual poetic narratives making reference to the concept of attraction, that majestic and irresistible force which drives the course of destiny.

The event is organized by Alliance Française – Cuenca and ©Tomás Galindo Pazán, in collaboration with Fondation Alliance Française, Ambassade de France en Équateur, Institut Français and RFI.

Please, join us this Thursday the 5th March, from 7 PM, calle Tadeo Torres 1-92 y Avenida Solano, and be immersed in a moment of beauty, watercolours and attraction, all with French touches. Free entrance.

Victor Ojeda – Ecuadorian Driver’s Licence Facilitator

Pass with 100%? As non-Spanish speakers, ‘right side of car and left side of road drivers’ we believed we needed ‘special care’ when applying for our Ecuadorian Driver’s Licenses. This is a special thank you and recommendation for the services of Victor Ojeda. Continue reading

Andres Figueroa – Veterinarian

I recently picked up a very sick pup on the street and carried him to the nearest vet. What a blessing that vet turned out to be, so caring and compassionate. The little pup spent 8 days in his care and I am very grateful to say the pup is almost back to normal. He had been beaten, was blind and barely able to walk. Andres speaks some English, I speak almost no Spanish and we were able to communicate just fine. Your pets would be in very good hands with him and his prices are very reasonable. A visit is $10.00.
His office is located not far from the traffic circles on Doce de Octubre.

Seeking Business Associate

Small business run by craftsman with 30 years of experience is looking for a partner/business asociate to cover local market for furniture and construction. The work plant is located at “Parque Industrial Chaullayacu” in Cuenca. You can visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MaderasCurvadas

Please call for information: 099 527 0942 – 072 455 189 or send an e-mail to: marcelopezcas@hotmail.com