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Special Client Treatment At Sojo Spa!

Sojo Spa wants to please their clients:

Massage and cleaning facial $ 35
Microdermabrasion plus a  manicure $ 25
Cut, treatment, and style $ 15

Remember  from July 28 to August 2, pedicure and manicure for only $ 10

Come and enjoy a relaxing time at  Sojo Spa always pleasing our customers;  we will be serving wine and mimosas.

Call 098-385-7531 or (07) 283-9944 to make your appointment today at Sojo’s “cozy” environment and high professionalism!

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Tag Galeria Invades Roux to Celebrate Our 1 Year Anniversay


A one of a kind Art Exhibit will kick off Friday the 25 at 6 p.m. featuring the talents of Que Zhinin, Steep and Topher Man . There will be Appetizer and cocktail specials available. On Saturday join us at 2 p.m. for music in the garden and a Live Painting Performance. On Sun we will continue the exhibit with our very popular brunch starting at 11 a.m. with some new specials!

Come celebrate beautiful local art and a year of food and fun at Roux!!!

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Ecuador Visas and Containers

“Ecuador Visas & Containers”, for an all-inclusive price of $950, provides comprehensive processing of ANY Permanent Residency Visa type (Includes all Government Fees, Translations, Notarizations and all other type necessary visa related costs COMBINED).  Alternatively, for those who only need or wish for a Temporary Extension Visa type 12-9 or 12-10, the all-inclusive price is $400 (which also includes all Government Fees, Translations, Notarizations and all other type necessary visa related costs COMBINED). Very low cost and reliable household goods Container/Transport services as well, plus any other necessary Ecuador legal services (i.e. Ecuador Driver Licenses, Ecuador Realty Purchases, Rental Contracts, etc.), or U.S. tax filing needs one has while living their dream in Ecuador (also providing inexpensive and easy Ecuador Citizenship, Ecuador Naturalization & Ecuador Passport Service).

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Address: Acropolis Building, Office #303, located at Avenida Jose Peralta y Avenida 12 de Abril (Cuenca)

“Ecuador Visas” Website and Cuenca Health Care Website of “Find Health in Ecuador”: www.EcuadorVisas.com and www.FindHealthInEcuador.com

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Weather Forecast for Cuenca!

10 day weather forecast for Cuenca, Ecuador.
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Cuenca Car Share Money-Making Opportunity!

Become a part of Cuenca Car Share and see how one of Cuenca’s fastest growing company’s can earn you 15% -30% return on your investment. We currently are looking for a select few car owners to help our business grow.cropped-cropped-CuencaCarShareLogo6-7Website-e1399394920680

For information on listing your car, click on: www.CuencaCarShare.com or contact us today at cuencacarshare@gmail.com

Luxurious 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

The fully furnished colonial-apartments are in a recently completely renovated colonial-building in the heart of Cuenca. The one-bedroom-apartments are located from the 1st floor to the 4th floor (elevator). The utilities, Direct-TV and WiFi-Internet are included. The building is secure and has an English-speaking-receptionist. The building has a shared washer and dryer for all the apartments.

Luxurious one-bedroom-apartments for Rent
Located 1 block away from the Parque Calderon. It comes with a nice view but no terrace, balcony or parking. No pets. Only one year lease or more. No short-term. Prices: from $640 to $1,080.

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Free Seminar On The Answer To The Puzzle Of Diabetes

Free Seminar on The Answer to the Puzzle of Diabetes, by US Professional Clinical Psychologist, Nick Fenger (PhD & PCP), at “Find Health in Ecuador Clinic” on Thursday, July 24, at 2:30 p.m.

“Find Health in Ecuador Clinic” has teamed up with Cuenca’s newest addition, US Professional Clinical Psychologist, Nick Fenger (PhD & PCP), to discuss and answer questions on The Answer to the Puzzle of Diabetes.

Email for Sign Up to: info@findhealthinecuador.com

Address for Seminar: “Find Health in Ecuador Clinic”, inside Edificio Medimagen, 2nd Floor, located on the corner of (esquina) Av. Pumapungo y Av. Paseo de los Canaris, Cuenca, Ecuador.

Taxi Fares Are Hot Topic on Cuenca Talk Radio

Cuenca radio airwaves are abuzz with often contentious discussions about the city’s new taxi fare schedule and the switch to meters. The talk promises to remain heated as a proposed new fare schedule has been presented to authorities by a consulting team from the University of Cuenca.

On Radio Tomebamba AM, the majority of callers complain about poor service from taxi drivers. Major complaints are of drivers who don’t use meters, those who say they cannot make change, those who ask for an additional 25 to 50 cents above the metered rate, those who charge an extra fee for door-to-door service, and those who refuse to take passengers on short rides. Continue reading

Oxygen Therapy in Cuenca!

Hyperbaric medicine is oxygen therapy under atmospheric pressure. Hyperbaric medicine is not alternative medicine it is the result of many years of scientific research. We can help with: increasing libido and rejuvenate with testosterone’s and hyperbaric therapy, Diabetic foot, stroke, cancer, migraines, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, anemia, blocked arteries, herpes, Autism, Lyme disease, and surgery recovery.

Pay for 5 sessions and get the 6th on us!

Office located at 12 de October between the Gas Station and Jack Trucking.

To make an appointment with Dr. David Korchak, call 099-500-0309 or send him and email using the form below.

Contact Dr. Korchak

Daily News Links

Travel: U.S. Passport, Visa Operations Glitch Could Delay Millions
The State Department’s global database for issuing travel documents has crashed, resulting in major delays for potentially millions of people around the world waiting for U.S. passports and visas, officials said Wednesday. To read more, click here.

Personal Finance: What Maxing Out Your Social Security Benefits Looks Like In Dollars
To highlight how the dollar-return to maxing out your Social Security depends on the particulars, I’m going to consider several fictitious households so I can hone in on exactly what I want to illustrate. Let’s start with Joe the Plumber. To read more, click here.

Literary Journeys: World’s coolest bookstores
Old or new, all with fascinating stories, the bookstores serve as historic sites, sanctuaries, salons of culture and must-visit entries in any travel itinerary. To read more, click here.

Therese Poletti’s Tech Tales: 5 things we know about Apple’s iWatch
After Apple Inc.’s ho-hum fiscal third quarterand restrained outlook Tuesday, investors are putting all their focus on a possible “Fab Fall,” as one analyst put it, with growing expectations for a new product lineup. And a big question is whether Apple AAPL -0.23% will enter uncharted territory with a smartwatch or another entry into the nascent wearable-computing market. This week, the company received a patent for a “wrist-worn electronic device ,” an invention that could be implemented in many ways. To read more, click here.

Blog of Day: Travel At Your Own Risk
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Flights Cancel Due to Bad Weather

The cloudy morning forced two domestic airlines to cancel their flights. Tame and Lan that travel from Cuenca – Guayaquil and Cuenca- Quito were force to cancel their flights yesterday leading to traveler’s disappointments. Humberto Iglesias, director of the airport corporation of Cuenca, explained that the suspensions were given for passengers’ safety.

The airport said because airlines follow a daily schedule, it doesn’t give pilots time to wait on the runway for a gap in the weather. People whose flights are cancelled will be booked onto the next available flight or can have their money back.

Iglesias state that you can’t prevent weather changes but recommended users to stay informed to take precaution so that their flight itineraries are no altered.

The Processing Of Visas Will Be Faster

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs improved the process for obtaining a visa for foreign citizens. Now, the user should not submit any certificate issued by the Superintendence of Companies.

According to their website, the documentation referred to certificates of compliance, financial statements,
administrator and legal representatives, will now be obtained directly by officials of the State Bank.

In their home page, www.supercias.gob.ec , all public institutions and the public in general can access information from companies that are under the control of the Superintendence of Companies. This will make it simple for visa requirements, a benefit for citizens.

Cold Weather Affects Farming and Ganaderia (Cattle Raising)

The cold weather besides affecting the health it’s also causing effects on agriculture and ganaderia thus farmers are taking precautions.

Rural parishes like San Joaquin and Tarqui, areas that produce vegetables and dairy products, are the most affected. Digna Pintado, San Joaquin farmer, explained that low temperatures lead to the delay of products which can also lead to price changes.

On the other hand, Gonzalo Ontaneda, meteorology expert explain that this weather temperatures are normal for this
time, he also explained that it will continue until September where the rainy season will start.

Two Kayakers And A Gentle Giant

A video of a large surfacing baleen whale lifting a kayak filled with a father and daughter into the air while they were whale watching off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina. There’s some speculation as to the species of whale doing the gentle lifting, with some viewers believing it’s a southern right whale — a type commonly spotted off the the coast of the South American country.

Looking For A Child Summer Program

Looking for suggestions for a summer school or activity program for a 9-year-old American boy. He knows Spanish now, so language won’t be an issue. Any physical activities or music related will be desired.

Question: Shipping Container Construction

I am curious to find out if any of you have built your homes using shipping containers. I assumed that I could buy empty containers in Guayaquil and have them driven up the coast to the construction site or Atacames is closer if I could buy them there. The property is in Mompiche and I could use some guidance with finding out where to buy my containers, how to ship them to the property, and where to find a crane and operator.

Question: Borax Powder

Can anyone tell me where Borax can be purchased? Supermaxi has not had any now for 3 weeks or so?

Question: Gringo Night

When and where is the next Gringo Night/Lunch? I’m new in town and would like to attend.

Question: A New $42 Fee For Shipments

I’ve been hearing about a new $42 fee on shipments into, not from Ecuador. An exception for medicine, I heard the goverment relaxed rules on certain imports, so now , they just turn around and do this instead? Is this true, and what is being done to stop this?

Question: Permanent Makeup

Does anyone know if there is someone who does permanent eye makeup? I have had my eyebrows done a few times. I just need someone to fill them in.

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Altelier Decorations

modern living room interior

Ready to live in your dream house? Don’t move, improve! At Atelier Decorations we pride ourselves on giving attention to detail and flexibility to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations. Offering full service design that will take your house into a living space you  will feel at home.

To see our list of services, click on the premium bottom.

Common Grounds Weekend Specials!

Friday, July 25: Brian Gary and Rubber Biscuit.
Dj Pablo Control, Special cocktail all night. Make plans NOW to join Brian Gary and his band Rubber Biscuit for some dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’ at Common Grounds.
Cover $ 5.00

Saturday, July 26: Special grills and burgers all day. Happy hour from 3-7 p.m.

Sunday, July 27: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. chanpagne brunch buffet all you can eat for
just $ 10.00 + tax.

You cannot miss the best deals only in Common Grounds.

Common Grounds is located on Paucarbamba 2-75 (diagonal to Clinic Santa Ana). Call for more information at 410-3999.

Furnished Apartment Near The Pumapungo Park For Rent

The fully furnished small apartment is on the second floor (no elevator), has 2 bedrooms, 1 full-bathroom. This unit comes with: kitchen, living room, dining room, and washer. The utilities and WiFi-Internet are included. Located on the Pachacamac street, a few blocks from the Calle larga, the center, the Pumapungo park and near the Paraiso park (the biggest in Cuenca). Only one year lease or more. No pets. No short term.. Price: $450.
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New Modern Beach Apartments For Sale!

2 bedroom units, a few steps from the beach. With full security and social area. Good quality finishing. Di Mare Condos, 2 ½ kilometers on Data Posorja way (Playas Beach) For more information contact us: 04-239-2002


It’s All Good / Todo Bueno 2, Cuenca Food Tasting Event

It’s All Good / Todo Bueno 2 will be happening in less than two weeks on August 2. The event will be at Galeria El Otorongo from 11 – 3 p.m. There will be over a dozen local food artisans who will have samples of their culinary creations for you to sample and enjoy. The first It’s All Good / Todo Bueno showcased 13 vendors and attracted over 100 visitors who enjoyed the food and entertainment.

The $5 entrance fee allows you to sample from any 12 vendors that you choose. At the last event many of the vendors sold out of product so come early and enjoy this delicious event.

Note: Limited space is still available for vendors. If you would like to have a table for your product(s) at this event please write to Bob Higgins and ask for a vendor information sheet.

Are You Looking For A Comfortable And Trusted Dentist?

Dental Care in Ecuador can be excellent and quite affordable. Dentists are well trained in dental treatment techniques. Still it is often a bit upsetting to be unable to really understand your treatment needs and your options.

Did you know that often treatment of a particular tooth is influenced by the needs of your whole mouth and even by your medical conditions? Dr. Alan Woods is an American dentist with 35 years of practice and teaching experience.
If you have dental needs, or just need a second opinion, Visit us!

American style treatment and dental conversation at Ecuadorian prices.

To make an appintment, click on the reply below or call at 097-924-6002.

Get Rid Of Your Candida… Change Your Life

You’ll be shocked at how many aches, pains, and other symptoms you regularly suffer from will disappear when you finally get this fungus out of your body. Most people suffer their entire lives without even knowing it, and you may be one of them.

Even if you’ve tried EVERYTHING, diets, cleanses, or other would-be cures… you’ve got to come to this event, because the information here is life-changing.

Where: “Find Your Health” Clinic, Pumapungo and Paseo de los Cañaris
in the Medimagen building, 2nd Floor, Cuenca, Ecuador.
When: SaturdayJuly 26 at 1 p.m.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

* Why most Candida ‘cures’ and diets don’t work.
* How do you know if you have Candida?
* How and why Candida protects itself from your
immune system to stay in your body and digest you
even after you die.
* The connection between Candida and Cancer. Is cancer
a fungus? Can it be prevented?
* A simple, safe method that helps your body remove
candida fungus, without strict diets or expensive