Daily Posts

Where to Buy Lampshade?

I bought a great quality standing lamp, but the shade was all dented and we need to either get it repaired or buy a new one. Does anyone know of a store that specializes in lamps and shades? Thanks for any assistance.

$42 Package Tax?

Is the Post Office charging $42.00 for ALL incoming packages? Can I find info in English?

Any Blues Musicians?

Looking for blues, blues/jazz or blues/rock musicians. I am a guitarist permanently relocating to Cuenca in the coming few months and am wondering if there are any musician venues, hangouts, jam sessions, etc., that would welcome a newcomer? Experienced performer with professional equipment. Any replies or info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Gringo Menu at Iberia Pollo Broster

Iberia Pollo Broster will be serving a special “Gringo” menu this Tuesday, October 28 at 6:00 p.m. We will be serving Filet Mignon, apple craisin salad, seasoned grilled potatoes, mushrooms, beans, rolls, dessert and a drink! Grilled chicken will be available upon request, but please indicate such in your reservation! The cost is only $12 per person. Beer will be available for $2 and soda will be available for $1. Reservations are required. Please submit your reservation to IPBReservations@gmail.com by Monday at 10:00 a.m. Also note that Iberia Pollo Broster will be having a Salsa night on Wednesday, October 29 at 8:00 p.m. Cover charge is $5 and includes your first drink! We are located directly across the street from the bus stop in Parque Iberia! We appreciate your business!

Looking for Propane Heater

Does anyone have a large propane heater for sale?

Styrofoam Wig Heads in Cuenca?

I need to know where I can purchase styrofoam wig heads in Cuenca? If you know of a shop or shops where these items can be purchased, please contact me through etarshis@yahoo.com. Know that any information you provide will be greatly appreciated.

Fiesta Schedule?

Does anyone know where to get a printed schedule of events for the upcoming weekend around 3 de Noviembre et. al.? I found VIVE online at
http://issuu.com/municipiocuenca/docs/agenda_2014_issue, however, I’d like a hardcopy

Need Bilingual Facilitator to Help Get Phone

I need a phone – mine cannot be ‘converted.’ I need someone to accompany me to Claro or Movistar to get one. The sooner the better por favor. Thanks very much. Contact ladykdavis@gmail.com.

Trivia Night & Liquor Raffle for Charity

Join us on Tuesday at Roux for an extra special night of Trivia and giving back to the community!

We will be raffling off 3 premium bottles of liquor – Almond Liqueur, Coffee/Chocolate Liqueur and Sweet Tea Liqueur – at $5 a ticket. You can sample these tasty liquors, plus others, in flights of 3 for $3 and 5 for $5.

Proceeds will go to help Hearts of Gold continue their efforts in the community. Don’t miss this great combo of trivia and helping our adopted home. Please contact Roux for table reservations – tables are sure to go quickly!

Unique Property Near Cuenca

For sale by owners Scott and Ana. Very unique property located on one of the most beautiful sites in Ecuador. Located in Girón (40 minutes from Cuenca). Incredible views all around, including the El Chorro waterfall. Excellent site for a bed and breakfast with room for expansion. Bordered on 2 sides by the El Chorro River. Private but only a 5 minute walk to town. Easy access. Public water and sewer. Clean title with recent survey. 3,800 sq. ft. home includes all furnishings. $297,000.


New York Style Bagels & Pretzels

We invite you to enjoy our products: beautiful big bagels with delicious flavors of garlic, onion, sesame, cinnamon and raisins, plus our bagels gluten-free cinnamon rolls, sour dough bread, and our new product, fresh from our oven, big pretzels. To order, phone: 245 5117 or 099 500 0309. Marietha Rojas: bestbigapplebagels@hotmail.com

Raw Gourmet Food Class

Eat delicious unique food. Learn about health. Socialize and network with like-minded others! Class with Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor.

 Indonesian Pad Thai in Coconut Sauce, Ginger Curry Pumpkin Soup, Peppermint Chocolate Paddies.
Tues October 28, 12:00 till 2:00 p.m.
For details email Susan at LiveFoodFactor@yahoo.com.

University Entrance Exams/Requirements?

Does anyone know the entrance requirements for free public university in Ecuador? I know the SENETSY exams are based on aptitude for learning vs. knowledge, but not what scores are required for entrance (preference to U of Cuenca). Also would like to know where the exam is administered and what it costs. Went to Pre-Politecnico Aguirre 9-57 y G. Columbia, but they said students had to take 5 months of studying courses for the exam (paid studying)! Please help. Thanks!

Canning Jars?

I am in need of canning jars for my large batch of homemade saurkraut! Anyone who can help will get some free delicious saurkraut! Thanks!

Looking for 2×4′s in Cuenca

I’ve been to at least a dozen lumber yards scattered all around Cuenca and can’t find a simple 2 x 4. If anyone knows a place where I can find some, please help!

Wanted: Used Car

I am looking to buy a car from the 60s or 70s that has been restored or kept in good condition. Will consider Mini-Cooper, Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW, Daihatsu Jeep, MG, Mercedes Benz, or anything else that is unusual and perhaps unique. Contact Jim at jim.bowers@yahoo.com or call 098-786-3251.

Stolen Wallet

Thursday 23 at 6:00 p.m. I withdrew money from Banco Pichincha a block from Park Calderon. I put the money in my wallet and put my wallet in a zipped compartment in my backpack. Two blocks down the street, wallet and money were gone. I remember a lady in front of me stopping abruptly to tie her shoe (twice) and that there were two young girls behind me. Very professional pickpockets in Cuenca. I thought I was doing everything to be safe but it wasn’t enough. Beware. Maybe they took the money and tossed the wallet. If anyone finds it please email me at jdjd44@hotmail.com.

Found Glasses Case in SuperMaxi

If you were the lady in Supermaxi Las Americas that lost her glasses case on Friday 24th October at around 1:20 pm, it has been handed in to the main desk at the front of the store. The checkout girl wrote down the telephone number that you had listed on your receipt, but it was incorrect.

English Christian Worship

International Christian Community (ICC) worship service meets this Sunday, Oct 26, at 10:30 a.m. We meet at Nicanor Aguilar y Solano, a new building just north and east of Mt. Sinai Hospital on a little one way street between the hospital and the stadium. Please join us in worship by participation in music, prayers, scripture readings, and exploration of God’s word.

This week we welcome back to Cuenca our pastor David Small, who has been back in his former home of Washington state for the last 6 weeks. This week’s sermon topic is “Mystery of Messiah.”

We also have a bilingual Sunday School Program for children, which includes Bible stories, crafts and drama. It is open to children from pre-school age to teenagers in high school.

Rev. Dr. David Small, Pastor; desmall62@gmail.com.

Bike Rental & Amazon Trips

I just got to Cuenca for the first time on Tuesday. I am looking to rent a bike so I can explore. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m also looking to go to the Amazon. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is it better to take some buses (or a taxi) there, and then find a tour guide when I get there? Spend 1 or 2 days there? Book it through a travel office and let them coordinate everything? Thanks everyone; I appreciate it.

Happy Hour at Don Colon’s

Starting this Friday, enjoy 2×1 house drinks from 6 to 8 p.m. daily at the Don Colon Restaurant and Bar. We’re located next to the New Cathedral. And, coming soon, live music by Brian Gary!

Temporary Office Space Needed

Dr. Michael Medgyessy, Board Certified Chiropractor , with a current practice in Portoviejo, is seeking a temporary office for December 4th, 5th, and 6th. We prefer a 2 room space located within the historical or busiest part of town. Please contact Marlene Haviland at marohio@yahoo.com for further information.

U.S. Notary in Cuenca?

I need to get some real estate papers notarized, and I really don’t want to go clear to Quito or Guayaquil to the consulate or embassy. Is there a U.S. Notary here in Cuenca? There used to be one – Constance Serrano – but she just moved back to the States.

Calvary Chapel Sunday Services

Come and visit our new location, enjoy fellowship, and eat a good meal. Calvary Chapel has moved; the new address is on the corner of Pio Montufar and Primera Convención (that is six blocks west of Coral Centro on Montufar). The number 22 bus line stops directly in front of the new church and the driver usually takes a 15 minute break. You can’t miss the stop. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper both services, the 1st Sunday of each month. Our weekly Sunday services are an English service at 9:30 AM and a Spanish service at 11 AM and 7:30 PM. There will also be a midweek Spanish service at 7:30 PM on Wednesdays. Telf: 07 288 2198 or 07 28 1074.

Housing During 3 Kings Weeks?

My husband and I plan to come to Cuenca in January for a 3 month stay. We don’t want to rent until we’re there. We did this in Montevideo; arrived during 3 Kings week and had trouble finding anyone at work to look at properties. Is it the same in Cuenca? Would we be better off coming in the 2nd week in January?

Verizon Phone in Ecuador?

I currently have a contract with Verizon, and I just got an iPhone 6 Plus. I will be coming to Ecuador for a few months and I would like to know if I can use my iPhone 6 Plus phone with a Movistar or Claro SIM card/plan?

Hiking/Trekking Group in Cuenca?

Does anyone know of a hiking/trekking group in town? I’m looking for a very active group that is not afraid of strenuous hikes. I know there are tour groups out there, but it’s really not what I’m talking about. I’d like to find a group that regularly goes on hikes all around the mountains here, not just in Cajas. If not, anyone interested in starting one with me? Hope to find more of you peak reaching nuts out there! Contact Michael at anewleaseincuenca@gmail.com.